The compassionate care provided by Dr Lowenheim in every situation is second only to the comforting reassurance his expert guidance offers to both his patients and their families. I will always put my trust in Dr Lowenheim and know that in return I will be getting the best possible care from this wonderful man.

-Courtney, South Setauket

I have been going to Dr Lowenheim for 8 years. He has helped me to be comfortable with my disease and has always been informative and supportive.

-Bryan, Nesconset

Dr Lowenheim's expertise, compassion, and impeccablel bedside manner made accepting my diagnosis of celiac disease at age 15 manageable. Now that I live away at college and feel well and symptom free, I want to extend my gratitude to my extraordinary doctor. Thank you Dr Lowenheim.

-Danielle, Farmingville

Working with Dr Lowenheim is a great experience. He is very attentive and you can tell he really cares about his patients on a personal level!

-Jennifer, Hamtpon Bays